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How to support the musicians?

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast exists due to the generosity of the Celtic musicians who share their music with the show. I say "generosity" because, they do not earn any compensation from having their music played on the show. Instead, they rely on your good will and love of their music to support them. 

So if you find music that you enjoy, here's how can support them.

  1. Visit the artist's website.
  2. Subscribe to their mailing list.
  3. Buy a physical CD.
  4. Download thier music on CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes.
  5. Stream their music on Spotify.
  6. Buy their t-shirts or other merchandise.
  7. See the artist perform live.
  8. Tell a friend about their music.
  9. Share artist news on social media.
  10. Take pictures of the band and share.
  11. Make videos using band's music and share your pictures or videos. (YouTube pay royalties to most artists who have their music used there. Please contact artists to see if that includes them)

Patron of the Podcast

How to support the podcast?

If you truly love this show, then you probably want to show your financial support of it. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast has a lot of expenses that go into the creation of the show, including my time in producing the show. You can show your support in these ways:

  1. Make a one-time donation to the podcast below.
  2. Buy our swag or compilation CDs.
  3. Become a Patron of the Podcast on Patreon for as little as $1 per episode.
  4. And don't forget to support the artists as outlined above.

Remember a portion of your support for this podcast goes to Celtic non-profits. See all the past recipients.

Make a 1-Time Donation to the Podcast


Make a Monthly Donation to the Podcast

I've decided to add a monthly donation option for those who want to support the podcast outside of Patreon. Sadly, I can't offer any bonuses. But you will be able to continue to support the podcast.

Weekly Payment Options

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