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Donations to Celtic Non-Profits (as of the end of 2015)

I think it was 2003 that I first released a compilation CD called Coventina's Well. It featured a bunch of awesome Celtic bands I found I paid royalties to the artists on the compilation for each album that sold. It was a major headache. I discontinued the album, and in 2005, I released The Secret World of Celtic Rock with a different plan, to raise money for Celtic Non-Profits. Each time an album sold, I donated a portion of the profits. Since that first compilation, I've donated over $20,000. We've done a lot of good work, together.

Last year, I forgot to compile a list of donations. So I'm gonna do that right now. Thanks to all of my Patrons of the Podcast, this year's number is a lot higher than it would be. I donate 10% of all income from Patreon to Celtic Non-Profits. That accounted for $498 of the donations.

2015 Donations

  • Indy Irish festival = $500
  • Pittsburgh Irish Festival = $1693.57

Total Donations in 2015 = $2193.57

2014 Donations

  • Tennessee Valley Scottish Society = $1000
  • Kilted to Kick Cancer = $1490

Total Donations in 2014 = $2490

So let's add those into the list of donations I've made over the years and see how much we've helped out Celtic non-profit peeps.

Celtic Non-Profits I Support

  • Alabama Celtic Association = $1964.21
  • Arkansas Celtic Music Society = $708.81
  • Austin Celtic Association = $4497.03
  • Celtic Cultural Center of Texas = $622.69
  • Celtic Heritage Festival = $2000
  • Celtic Heritage Society = $1030.17
  • Celtic Society in Huntsville = $194.47
  • Center for Irish Music = $301.54
  • Houston Highland Games Assc = $1,119.14
  • Indy Irish festival = $500
  • Irish Music Association = $50
  • Kilted to Kick Cancer = $1490
  • Pittsburgh Irish Festival = $1693.57
  • Stone Mountain Highland Games $3268.73
  • Tennessee Valley Scottish Society = $1000
  • Texas Scottish Festival = $4119.05

Total Donated = $24,860.95

While my Celtic compilations and Patreon income benefit Celtic non-profits, I make other donations to non-profits using other albums I produce.

Want to help my help Celtic non-profits? It's easy. Buy a Celtic compilation CD or become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode.


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