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License Celtic Music for Your Use

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast gets a free license from musicians to use their music on the show. Learn more about it here.

We offer a free syndication license to any terrestrial radio station interested in playing our podcast on their station. All we ask is that you

  • include the show in it's full form with no edits.
  • contact us to let us know where and when it will be rebroadcasted.

This license does not grant you the right to withhold royalty payments to any artist featured on the show or to their performing rights organizations.

We do not grant any license to use tracks from the show. You will have to contact artists individually to obtain permission.

You MAY use music from Mage Records artists as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. Yes, this means you can use the music in videos you create. You are welcome to post them on YouTube or Facebook as well. If you want to use the music for commercial reasons, please contact me.

Artists whose music you can use include: Marc Gunn, Brobdingnagian Bards, Kilted Kings, The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, Captain Black Jack Murphy, Ichabod Zeuss, Skander, Gunns & Drums.


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